What is Digitizing Education

Inspired by government of India’s initiative Digital India and Make in India, we at Tod Learning have developed the concept of Digitizing Education and Learning for all. We have come up with a interactive learning application. The school curriculum is digitized and presented in a mobile application for students to complete the activities, read lessons and much more. In short we offer a complete learning solution that benefits, school management, parents and students.

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School syllabus is presented in a interactive format. Students can access animated lessons, interactive stories and worksheets. They can view their weekly performance from the App.


Teachers interface is enabled through admin panel. They can Post Notifications, Attendance, Homework. Post Weekly Performance of students, Calendar update, Fee Reminders and much more.


Manage all the franchises with one login. Monitor Payments, Branch wise details, create Login for Schools, Teachers and Parents. Access details of all the user modules with one login.

The Ideology

The Reason Behind Digitizing

Tod learners firmly believe that it is important to develop our children to become well educated citizens. Our goal is to bring education to everybody’s reach. So, we have come up with the concept of interactive learning, basin on the study that Children today are growing up in a highly visual world, surrounded by the images of Television, Videos, Advertising Displays, and other Electronic Platforms. They prefer to learn in creative ways rather than just memorizing information.

So What Do We Offer

The Visual and Interactive Presentations of the subject are a vital part of doing this and of ensuring that every student can achieve their potential using our learning application. With the growing change and advance in technology, the focus of education must be on creating people who are capable of thinking and doing new things, not simply repeating and memorizing what is written in the books.

It is important to reiterate that for any growth model to be successful we need educated and skilled population and that could transform our education system from the existing system to a world-class system.