Shri.Jagadish Prasad Sharma

An Academician by profession, Shri.Sharma after graduating in MSc Physics, has served the government for 30 years. Tod Learning is the result of his passion for teaching and bringing change in the Learning Methodology. His belief that kids learn faster when taught using pictures and characters and to use a platform that connects teaching and technology as a learning solution.


A Medical Practitioner with MBBS, MD.DA Dr.Rao retired as Head of the Department from government hospital. Dr.Rao was the Professor of Anaesthesia for 23 years. After his retirement he joined Shri.Sharma in the dream project. The common interest between both being teaching and academics, they wanted to use their experience in building a unique product.

Shri. Sandeep Sharma

Working as Municipal Counsellor and active in Social wel being, Shri.Sandeep Sharma compliments our goal in education for all. His Social initiatives in rural areas, is bringing a change amongst all ages. His motto is to educate people and not mere teaching them. Educated citizens are the foundation of nation.

Mrs.Suha Chandramouli

With Masters in Sales and Marketing from SMOT, Chennai Mrs. Suha is a self driven professional. Her extensive research and strong analytical skills help to offer the industry the best of solutions.